Monday, 6 July 2009

I Want an iPod Touch!!

To begin with, my source of portable media is a LG Dare dumbphone (check out my review). The phone is OK, but the internet browsing is dated, games and apps are very limited, I've been waiting 7 months for Telus to fix the My Email app, and the music player is horrible. I was thinking about purchasing a netbook as a means of portable media, but then I sat down and thought about my portable computing needs; web surfing, twitter, games, Google Earth, and occasional Google Docs editing. Then a light bulb went off somewhere in my brain, "an iPod touch can do all of that.*" So now, I am seriously considering buying an iPod touch. I am going to wait until September because rumors have it that a 3rd gen of touch is coming this fall which may have a camera and GPS. I'm kind of expecting it to happen since Microsoft is releasing a new version of it's Zune player and Apple again has a back to school deal that offers a free iPod touch when you buy a Mac, some people see this as getting rid of inventory. So, I think I definitely getting an iPod touch, even if a new one is not released. 

*I forgot to mention that I could get a smarter phone, but the monthly bills up here in Canada are just too high.