Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Google and Blackberry Share a Cloud

    I love Gmail, and I really want a Blackberry, this new release by Google Mobile links the two. The release, set for July, is titled Google Apps Connector and it connects the Google cloud with the Blackberry Enterprise server, so it merges Google Apps such as Gmail and Calendar with the Blackberry versions. Users will be notified when new emails arrive, Gmail messages can be archived and starred while in the Blackberry apps and calendars can be synced.

    This will be really useful to Blackberry users who love the Blackberry applications. I could see myself using this (if I had a Blackberry), instead of running two applications to check email, it can all be done in one. As Google releases these new features, my desire for a smartphone increases. With my current phone, the LG Dare, I have to load the web browser, find the Gmail bookmark, load the page, and after this I can only use the crappy HTML web version, brutal. I think I'll spend part of the day smartphone shopping. 

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