Thursday, 7 May 2009

Android is Coming to Canada

There is good news for all of you Canadian Google Android smartphone wanters out there, Android phones will be available on June 2nd!! The carrier will be Rogers, I haven't heard any talk if this is an exclusive deal, hopefully not since Rogers coverage is limited in some provinces (i.e., Newfoundland and Labrador). Rogers will sell two Android phones, the HTC Dream and HTC Magic (the newer one) and both will be running Android 1.5 (aka cupcake) which has features such as YouTube-uploading, better GPS technology, and a faster web browser. 

This, along with Bell's announcement of the Palm Pre coming to Canada in the second half of 2009 is great news for the mobile market in Canada. Generally we are really behind the times up here, but things seem to be changing. Hopefully my carrier, Telus, will soon make some sort of big announcement, they seem to be the only Canadian carrier that is not. Maybe I shouldn't have signed a 3 year contract.

The HTC Magic

The HTC Dream