Friday, 22 May 2009

Chome Gets Zippier

I've been using Google Chrome since day one, and since then there has been some big improvements which has lead to an increasing market share. The latest stable version (channel) has the following improvements:

  1. New Tab Page: Thumbnails can now be removed from the home/tab page.

  2. Form Autofill: Finally Chrome gets this, it's such a huge time saver. Why type out information in forms when it has already been previously entered?

  3. Bug fixing: Over 300 of them have been fixed.

  4. Much faster: At least 30% faster!! This is blazing fast and leaves the other browsers behind. I'm doing an online course that requires IE8, it's absolutely brutal, I can make a sandwich between page loads!! The Chrome team added a new version of WebKit and updated the JavaScript engine, V8.

  5. Full Screen Mode: Just hit F11 or visit the Tools menu.

What an update hey? The trend for increased usage of Chrome is definitely going to continue.