Thursday, 11 December 2008

No more Beta for Google Chrome!!!

Update: It looks like the rumors were true, Chrome is now out of beta!! I think this is the fastest time that a Google product has come out of beta. You can get the details on the Official Google Blog posting, highlights include its speed increasing by 1.5 since its initial release, Mac and Linux versions on the way, eventually extensions will be available, and this latest versions has most of the bugs worked out. This looks like another winner for Google. 

According to rumors, Google's Chrome Web browser will be coming out of beta. There is no word on when this is happening, but people are expecting it soon, possibly as early as Thursday at the Add-on-Con, which is a conference about browser extensions. This timing would set up computer makers to bundle Chrome with their systems in the New Year. Before this occurs, there are still a few bugs in Chrome that must be worked out such as  errors with some Java scripts, general website incompatibility issues, and the biggie for me, only being able to resize an image by going into the HTML (this really sucks for Google Docs users). Also, there are no versions of Chrome for Mac or Linux. Personally, I find Chrome the superior browser over FF and IE. I find it extremely fast and easy to use. Occasionally I have to switch back to FF or IE, waiting for the long webpage loads is like watching paint dry. So, if the Google Chrome People can get their product out and 99% bug free, it will definitely strengthen their position in the web browser war.

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