Sunday, 7 December 2008

Fire in the house!!

Hello everyone, the Google house has burned down, it's time to rebuild with a new blog name, Google's Cloud, and focus. I started this blog, The Google House,  in June with the goal of covering major news in the world of Google. After six months, I realized that Google is an extremely big company with major news occurring too often for me to do a good job with, I'll leave that for the excellent bloggers at Google Blogoscoped and Google Operating System. So, I'm going to refocus my efforts, and concentrate on Google centered cloud computing. For those of you who don't know, the cloud is a metaphor for the internet, basically programs are ran through the internet and not the desktop. I find this whole concept very interesting, and have switched most of my work as an university instructor to the cloud. I really enjoy having access to my files anytime or anywhere, and not having to rely on backups such as USB memory sticks. These cloud based apps. are bringing people together on projects, creating a very social network, and changing the world of everyday computing. I'll be talking about apps. such as Google Docs, Google Sites, Blogger, YouTube, and also web aspects of desktop favorites like Picasa Web Albums. So, keep coming back to this blog for news, reviews, and discussions in the world of cloud computing.

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