Sunday, 21 December 2008

Dear Facebook: It's Time For A Change

Facebook, the great cloud computing social networking app., has allowed people to connect  with friends from many locations and time periods.  But,  since its  pop culture status, things really haven't changed much (except for the "new  Facebook" adjustment, basically tabs were added and somethings were reorganized on the page). So, here are a list of things that should be changed/fixed:
  1. More Customization: I am getting so sick of the facebook colors, please allow users to at least change the colors of their homepage, and possibly fonts. With the advancement of cloud webpage editing apps., more customization should be easy to add. 

  2. Better Messaging: Personally, I find the messaging system very primitive, maybe they could start with the ability to have drafts of a message. 

  3. Photo Tagging: Picasa Web uses a system whereby a person is tagged in just 1 photo, face recognition software tags them in the remaining photos. This would make facebook life so much easier, I get really sick of tagging the same person over and over.

  4. Feed Errors: It really annoys me when someone does an update and it doesn't show up until days afterward, or doesn't show up at all. I am not a programmer, but I'm thinking its not that difficult to solve this problem. 

  5. Photo Viewing: Facebook often loads photos extremely slow and sometimes not at all. Again, this is basic and shouldn't be that hard to fix. Also, how about the ability to simply view the photos as a full screen slideshow.

  6. Calendar: Sure you can add events, but how about having your very own calendar, maybe something like Google calendar
I'm not the only person feeling this way. I 've chatted with friends (online and in person) about the need for these changes, people are getting bored with facebook, its become very static. When facebook came along, it was a revolution for social networking, it did things that other apps. like myspace or hi5 couldn't do. If another social networking app. could come along, and offer something new, like social networking across multiple websites (Google's OpenSocial is attempting to do this) or some of the ideas above, I think that people will switch and facebook will become another hi5

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