Sunday, 6 July 2008

Google Roudup for June 29th - July 6th

This week in the world of Google has been somewhat active, but not as much as others. It amazes me that Google is involved with so many projects, and the number is continually growing. Here is a summary of the world of Google for June 29th - July 6th:

  • UbiqWindow has a cool video of a computer screen projected in mid-air a person interacting with Google Earth by touching the hologram. Super cool.
  • Mike Pegg is one lucky and hardworking blogger. He is the writer of the Google MapsMania blog and now product marketing manager of Google Maps API. Pegg was hired on because his blog was so good.

  • If your a Nine Inch Nails, they have released a Google Earth file showing distribution, geographically, for 1.4 million downloads of The Slip, which is their latest album. I'm not a fan of their music, but this is a great idea.
  • The iGoogle gadget of the week is the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Countdown. It should be interesting to see how the poor air quality is going to affect the athletes in Beijing.
  • Google Apps is popular and the number of users is growing very fast. It is just 17 months old, and 500 000 organizations use it as part of their business, and 3 000 sign up daily. Hopefully my workplace will be signing up soon.
  • If your a iPhone or iPod touch user, there is a version of Google Talk designed specifically for both.
  • For those of you interested in seeing top films from around the world, check out the The YouTube Screening Room, where there is a fresh lot of movies.

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