Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Google Docs Makes Life Easier

Vacation is about to start and as part of the annual event I'm going to take a trip over to my hometown of Robinsons, Newfoundland, located on the West Coast of this great island. The total trip is 800 km, so instead of doing this by myself, I decided to be environmentally friendly and look for passengers. I posted an ad on my workplaces rideshare website and one on Facebook. After not getting any responses, I decided to put posters up around my neighborhood, but before I could do this I would have to create them. I could do this with a traditional offline word processor, in my case Open Office Writer, or I could use Google Documents which is part of the Google Docs pack and done online. If I went by tradition, I would create the document, save it to my hard drive, email it out for comments, review comments, transfer it to a USB Memory stick, bring it to my office, load it to my computer, and print off copies of the posters. This seemed like a lot of work. I used Google Documents and I simply created the document, added others as collaborators, reviewed the final document, and then viewed printed copies at work. Much simpler isn't it? I think that Google Docs is the way of the future, it eliminates all of those file transfer steps and makes collaboration much easier saving you all of that precious time that can be spent surfing the web and watching Youtube videos.

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