Friday, 5 March 2010

$Google$ Keeps Spending The Casholla: Today's Acquisition is DocVerse

DocVerse, the company that brought collaborative editing to Microsoft Office through a plug-in has been officially acquired by Google. This is an interesting acquisition since Google is in the cloud, Microsoft wants to be in the cloud, and DocVerse sort of brings Microsoft Office into the cloud  (editing occurs on the desktop, viewing in the cloud). It defifinely heats up the battle with Microsoft and raises some interesting questions:

  • Will DocVerse continue to be a plug-in or will it move totally to the cloud?
  • If it does exist as a plugin, will Microsoft "challenge" it with compatibility issues?
  • The GDocs team are suspending signups until "until we’re ready to share what's next", what could this be?
  • Will users still have to pay for DocVerse?
  • Is Google realizing that some people still want to store their data on their computers and not the cloud?
  • When will the Google spending-spree stop?
2010 is turning out to be an exciting year in the world of Web 2.0 office apps.