Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Cloud Becomes Stronger: Google App Marketplace

Yesterday Google announced the release of Google Apps Marketplace- an app store for cloud-based enterprise apps that is available to the 25 million people or 2 million businesses using Google Apps.  Applications are added very easily with just 4 clicks (as Google claims), logins are done using Open ID (awesome) and some of the apps are used directly in Google products (the image editor Aviary is used directly within Docs). There are currently 50 apps available but expect more since Google is giving 80% of the sales revenue to developers which is high compared to the 70% for Android and Apple developers.

The Google Marketplace App Store

This is a great move by Google. There has been an explosion of development in the cloud but it has become very fragmented with many apps available for a particular tool. For example, a search at Go2Web20 for business collaboration tools brings up 23 apps, can you imagine having to know login information for all of of these? Google Apps Marketplace brings a lot of the great cloud tools (including a couple from Zoho) together with benefits to all included. Hopefully those who are not using Google Apps (without a domain address) will have access to the marketplace sometime in the near future.....I really want to use Aviary in Google Docs!!

Adding an app is super easy

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