Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ubuntu: It Was Nice To Know you

Ohh how the times have changed. About one year ago I was praising the well-known open source OS, now I am abandoning it. Why?

My primary problem with Ubuntu is Unity, and how it's not the Windows 7 taskbar. I have been known to criticize Windows, but one thing that the big M did get right is the taskbar. It just works. Unity on the other hand, doesn't. Quite often applications fail to launch, menu items don't appear when hovered over, and when multiple windows are open for an application, I can't close any of them using Unity. 

I hate Unity!

Other problems besides Unity that I need to complain about are
  • I can't easily adjust the mouse scroll speed
  • Flash often fails. This is crucial since I watch most all of my TV online. 
  • No Netflix support!
  • No Google Earth Plugin!
  • Issues with dual monitors.
  • Unity and the top panel have dissappeared on my dual boot work computer, I'm not sure why and I have no idea how to fix it!
  • Random problems such as the Print Screen button not working. 
Maybe I will switch back to Ubuntu, maybe they will get rid of Unity, or maybe I will do everything on my Chromebook


  1. Install GNome 3, is way better than Unity.

  2. I will definitely give it a try. Unity is a major disappointment!