Thursday, 10 December 2009

Zoho Adds A Chrome Extension

As you probably already hear,  Google Chrome now has extensions (along with Linux and Mac versions). Zoho (who are definitely Google-likers) has added two great extensions.
  1. Zoho Companion: This allows you to be connected to Zoho all of the time while using Chrome. You can open documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and pdfs directly within Zoho. So, if you come across something like below:

    all you have to do is click on View in Zoho. This is going to be such a timesaver, there is no longer any downloading of the file and waiting for the slow-clunky Excel program to open. Simply click on the link and you have access to the spreadsheet, even if you don't have a copy of excel on your computer! The companion also allows tracking of shared documents and emails. 
  2. Zoho Notebook Companion: This extension allows you to take clippings, screenshots, and write notes about webpages.
Google has been criticized somewhat for developing an OS that is completely cloud-based, extensions like these display the power of the cloud and that users don't need to be locked into a desktop. Check out the video below of the Chrome OS and note how similar the file opening is to Zoho's Companion extension: 

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