Saturday, 26 September 2009

My Love of Online Office Suites

Approximately 2 years ago I was introduced to Google Docs, I was truly amazed with it!! I was overwhelmed with the fact that documents (no Presentations back then) could be edited and saved online. Since this introduction, I have switched from a mostly desktop user to a cloud (web) based one. I have fallen in love with accessing my documents from anywhere, having the ability to edit documents simultaneously with others, the ease of publishing documents to the web, not having to worry about backing up and creating copies of files, and the excellent's free!!! Like all cloud techies, I've been giving other offerings a try,  such as Zoho and Thinkfree (I'm still waiting on the web version of Office) and all have some very promising features.

So, this blog will cover all of the news regarding online office suites. I'll be talking about how it  works in the real world where some still haven't heard of Web 2.0 and some give a strange look when  the "cloud" is talked about. Hope you enjoy!!