Thursday, 27 November 2008

YouTube and the Classroom

Most of you have probably already heard that YouTube increased the page width to 960 pixels, and most are probably thinking that a lot more full length films will be available for viewing on YouTube. What I've been doing for the past3 months with this wonderful product of the web is showing videos, which may be short video clips or animations, to the group(s) of student that I teach. There is just a ton of good educational content on there, and its all free, which is much better than paying $90 for a 15 minute film through an educational science supply store. I created a playlist, which I made public, then embedded this on the course website which is done with Google Sites. Some of the videos aren't allowed to be embedded, so I just added a link to the playlist. Now the students can watch whatever videos they viewed whenever they want to instead of only being able to view it just in class. Way to go YouTube!!!

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